Phone Systems for Small Business

With the technology available today businesses still need phones.  Office phone systems don’t need to be expensive.  As technology advances and changes at accelerated rates pricing for office phone systems has become much more affordable and easier to implement than ever before especially with advent of our new friend, “the cloud.”  Whether you are replacing or adding a new phone system we can find the right solution for you.  Aside from the typical and traditional multi-extension style office phone systems we offer IP-based phone system solutions that are quickly becoming the best solution in telephony since sliced bread.

By leveraging the power of cloud-based phone systems also known as hosted PBX, you remove the maintenance costs associated with legacy equipment like the PBX system in the closet or IT room.  You also gain in some cases hundreds of features otherwise not available to traditional PBX or office phone systems.  With a hosted solution you can move your office phones just about anywhere you have a connection to the internet.  Have an employee that only works from home or is in another part of the world?  No problem, they can have an extension phone with them anywhere they are as long as they have internet access.  Additionally, mobile users can receive their calls on their cell phones just as they would their office phone with an app.  Not only do you decrease the maintenance costs of a legacy system, you also increase savings by reducing your monthly voice/phone costs by 30% or more in most cases.

You can do an entire conversion to a cloud hosted PBX or opt to keep your legacy PBX if you’re not quite ready to go all the way.  We can provide services for just about any scenario and still realize a significant monthly savings over your existing services.