Security Cameras, CCTV, and Video Surveillance Systems

Image CaptureKeep a watchful eye on your business or home.

It’s not fun to have your business or home vandalized, broken into, or have your valuables stolen.  Filing police reports without video footage often yields nothing.  Insurance companies like to see that you have video surveillance and it is becoming a must have home and business security feature.  With the advent of social media it has gotten much easier to catch the bad guys or gals (don’t want to leave anyone out) because you are able to post pictures and videos for the world to help you identify the bad guys or gals.

Video quality has improved tremendously in the last 5 years and continues to do so.  High Definition Megapixel cameras are now available at a more affordable price range making it feasible to install them everywhere you want to see.  Forget the blurry analog black and white videos and chunky pixel like still images you’ve seen on the news, get an HD Megapixel surveillance today.

All of our clients get the highest compliments from local and state police for having very clear video and snapshots when showing or providing the content to law enforcement.

It’s important to compare apples to apples (no, not iPhones) when making a CCTV system purchase.  If you don’t educate yourself you will end up overpaying or worse, overpaying for an outdated analog system.

Members of local crimewatch groups and crimewatch groups receive discounted services from us.  If your local crimewatch group isn’t signed up with us simply have the head, president, or appointed person of your crimewatch group contact us.

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