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You Can Sell on Amazon Right Now, You Don’t Need To Be a Big Fish To Get Started

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. We can put your products there, you can be a professional seller. Selling on Amazon can be daunting due to the strict yet vague seller policies. Navigating these policies and corresponding with Amazon Seller Support takes a certain finesee as you will be dealing with support agents that English is often not their primary language and at times the language barriers will present difficulties you would think should not exist.

sellfishYou can start selling on Amazon quickly to an audience of ready buyers! You can build your own ecommerce website and we do encourage it, eventually.  Having your own ecommerce website means that you own your customers contact information and can have customers opt-in to future marketing and sales announcements whereas with Amazon you do not own the contact information and are prohibited from marketing to the buyers directly.  Building your own ecommerce website takes lots of planning and start up expenses for site design, web hosting, and credit card processing. Amazon handles everything for you. It is better to introduce your products to the largest group of online shoppers in the world than to start your own ecommerce website with an audience of zero, unless you have a really big budget and the funding to back it. Amazon already has the traffic and the customers who shop there do shop very frequently, it is often the first place online shoppers search for the best prices.

We can accelerate you through the learning curves and help you become eligible to win the coveted “Buy Box” faster! Contact us today!