Social Media Management

Yes we do…it right!

ManaHootsuite Professional Certifiedging social media is a full time job.  While just about everyone knows how to use Facebook and Twitter, you may not have the time required to create useful content that will engage your audience and start conversations.  Today’s customers require more than just a simple “Yes, we sell that.  Thank you for your purchase.” response, they are looking for a long term content rich relationship.  Your responsibility is to keep your audience entertained with not only content relative to your business, organization, or cause but content on other subject matters that your audience may find useful or entertaining.  After all, your customers aren’t mindless drones only interested 24/7 in what your business or organization provides, they have real lives and other interests.  You need to strike up a conversation and have a few laughs, be real.  You’ll be surprised when someone online tells their friend that you have a good barbecue recipe and you could also remodel their home too.

We won’t bore you with our experience and countless credentials, but the wise owl tells you we can tackle your social media management.