Website Design

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).  Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen so that the end-user experience is pleasurable and not frustrating (pinching and zooming).

A multitude of different screen sizes exist across phones, “phablets,” tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs, and even wearables.  Screen sizes are always changing, so it’s important that your site can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future.

To attempt to provide the best experience, mobile browsers render the page at a desktop screen width (usually about 980px, though this varies across devices), and then try to make the content look better by increasing font sizes and scaling the content to fit the screen. This means that font sizes may appear inconsistent to users, who may have to double-tap or pinch-to-zoom in order to see and interact with the content.

We can design just about any type of website you need, from a 1 page business card to a CMS filled with thousands of pages.  We can help you use the right tools for the right job.  If you think that you don’t need a website because you have a Facebook page then you need to keep reading.

There’s something else we want you to know, we made the text much larger to emphasize the importance of what you are about to read next.


Here are 5 reasons why a Facebook page is not enough:

1. Not everyone can see you

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world, close to 2.5 billion of them use the Internet.  About 1.2 billion of these users use Facebook monthly.  Your competitors have a Facebook page.  Some people even create an account for their favorite pets!  That doesn’t mean everybody is logged into Facebook.  Simple math shows you that about 60% of the internet users do not use Facebook.

2. All of your Fans never see all of your posts

Facebook only shows what posts they deem valuable in each persons feed and your organic (natural) reach is less than 20% of your fans on purpose.  Facebook wants you to pay for additional reach, yes, that’s right, you didn’t know?  They want advertising dollars, once they get them they will boost your post to be shown to more fans.  The trouble is that you must keep paying.

3. Limited search visibility

When someone searches for something that your business provides they don’t find you.  Why?  How many search for you by the name of your business vs. what services or products you provide?  Example: A customer needs a custom go-cart frame welded.  Do they automatically know your business name is “James Mechanical” and you do that type of work?  No, they don’t.  If you disagree, you are fooling yourself and you shouldn’t be online to begin with if you aren’t willing to come to terms with the cold hard fact that the world is evolving and you need to also.  Perhaps your thought process needs to change with the times, traditional methods no longer work.  The way you think is probably why your business may not be doing as well as you think it should be doing.  For an exercise to see what we’re talking about, go to Facebook and type in “welding frame” or whatever your business does.  What did you find?  Nothing relevant, not your business, correct?  Go to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..) and search for the same.  What did you find, your competitors?  You want to be there too?  Keep reading.

4. You May be Perceived as Not Professional

Nowadays, a business without a professional website is considered lacking and unprofessional.  After all, you’re not the guy putting ads on Craigslist with an actual welding business, several employees, and company vehicles are you?  We hope your answer is “no.”  A secure professional website conveys an online presence of professionalism like no other.  Your website is your image, your business name, it is anything and everything that you want them to see about what you do, what services and products you provide.  It is your platform, not a company solely bent on selling attention to the highest bidders like Facebook does.

5. You are severely limited

Facebook has terms and conditions you cannot circumvent.  You can’t change the look and feel of your page outside of the little boxes they give you to customize, with your own website you can do whatever you want.


To continue to walk on the path of enlightenment contact us today.